“This morning as I pulled into a parking space at work I noticed a young man and his maybe 12 year old son sitting on towels outside of their minivan with the back open. I drove by and smiled at them, watching their interaction of talking and sharing a watermelon. They see me watching and wave. I get out of my car and have to walk past them to get into work. With the back of the van open it is quite obvious to see that they are living in this van and this thought really seems to trouble me. I walk by and tell them that the melon they are eating looks like a nice breakfast. The father gives me a big smile, and instead of asking for change or giving me a story he looks me in the eye and says, “Would you like some?” I politely declined, but that little kind gesture truly hits me at heart! From the moment that I passed them, walked through the hall at work, and sat at my desk for about three minutes, this voice in my head kept saying ‘Go back and ask his story, he needs your help.’ I kept debating because it was close to the time that I had to clock in. I walked back outside and noticed that a tanker truck was now parked behind this man’s car. As I walked up to it, the child was sitting is in the car and Dad is standing outside of the car gently explaining to the boy why he can’t do whatever he wants, especially with what is going on in this world, “I should be the one crying!” He says. (Yes, they are African American) As I approach, the father looks at me and smiles. I tell him that from the moment I passed him something kept telling me to go back. He smiles even bigger and says, “I am humbly blessed!” At this point I am totally prepared to give the man all of the $45 that is in my wallet in hopes that it may be of some help. As I am speaking to him he tells me about the conversation he has just had with his son and at the end he says that they have been stuck there because his car battery has died and no one has been able to help because he is parked with the front end to the curb. He is now looking at me like I can’t help either. Once those words came out of his mouth the feeling of needing to help this man left, it left because I WAS able to help him after all! I give him a smile and say, ”See, your angel was calling to me from the moment that I passed because he/she knew that I could help!” I told him that I had a portable car battery charger in my car! He begins to laugh and looks up at the sky and again says out loud, “I am humbly blessed!” I come back to his car and connect it to the battery and in less than five minutes his car is running again! He thanks me yet again, never asks for anything more and we both go our separate ways! Let us all listen to what that inner voice is telling us, Angels do speak to us, we just have to listen! Maybe you rather think of that voice as your subconscious, it really doesn’t matter just listen!”

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